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Custom Mats

Custom Built Matts

Custom Built Matts

Industrial Matt Co. will custom build any size matt to your specification. We custom build timber matts, laminated matts, and plywood pads and can include a lifting device of your choice.

All custom orders will adhere to the same strict standards used in our production mats. In most cases custom orders have a 24-48 hour turn-around depending on material availability and quantity ordered.

Custom Matts    Custom Matts

Custom Matts    Custom Matts

Transition Matts

Transition matts are used to ease the burden of heavy equipment climbing onto 12" crane matts. The transition matt helps protect heavy equipment tires from damage caused by climbing and/or spinning on the 12" tall face of the crane matt. In addition, the timber matt is protected from damage.

Transition Matts    Transition Matts

Outrigger Pads

Industrial Matt Co. stocks various sizes of outrigger pads with a variety of
lifting device options. All outrigger pads are hand-built in the USA and we use the finest American hardwood available. Sizes range from 2x2 Dolly Pads to 8x8 Outrigger Pads with many sizes in between. Custom sizes are also available.

Outrigger Padss    Outrigger Pads